October 25th, 2012

The View from Budapest

I have to consider this project a gift because it’s not everyday that a client calls you up and wants to shoot in Europe. This assignment took us on a river cruise ship from Budapest, Hungary to Austria and finally into Germany. Side note: It rained like hell. But we literally shot every second we had sunlight or at least no downpour. One highlight was passing under a bridge on the Danube river with less that 8″ of clearance (keep in mind this ship is the length of a football field). The river was swollen with flooding rainwater and on the previous day, a ship attempting the same passing had the entire upper deck ripped off the ship. This passing occurred around midnight of the last evening of our trip. I’m not so sure the Captain appreciated our eagerness to “help,” as we cavorted around the deck, hooting our encouragements while he made this delicate maneuver.